Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter to Stanley, #2

Good to hear from you. Good to know that the band is kicking. Are you guys big in the midwest? I've heard the midwest is the new Japan, as far as being a pop band goes.
Things with me are well. As I type, I am waiting for my ph machine to repair itself and calibrate with new buffers. Then I will bend it to my will. Also, I'm watching Sudafrica and Uruguay on Univision. Later I have to visit a vineyard and look at some dude's spray records. which I predict are going to be pitiful. I was looking forward to burning our burn pile tonight but I just called the fire department and they said the EPA has a "no burn" rule in effect until September 1st, so the twigs and brush will have to wait 'till fall.
Tonight I am going to buy a new clothes iron.
What's new with you?


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