Monday, October 03, 2011

Eleventh Year; Tenth Month


It's October. Where are are you? I've done lots of things we could talk about.

You're harvesting grapes. Anyway, I really like this one Ben Folds song (not to mention this version of it).

I would like to talk to you about it.



Blogger Ryan 2.0 said...

I'll touch on three things here:
1) I like this song, too. I like the vibe, piano breakdown/solo part, and all the verses. However, I think the chorus is a little weak: "And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones. It's time." Just seems a little lazy, which is also how I'd sum up his whole solo career. I do love the part about putting slides on the wall after he gets home. This was my favorite song from whatever solo album it was on.
2) I'm not huge on pop stars getting together with orchestras for big pop star orchestra shindigs. Usually it's boring: the strings just hold chords behind the guitar chords, making it sound "passionate," or "like a movie soundtrack." I'm trying to think of somebody who has done this well and I can't.
3) A better song about Fred Jones is on Whatever and Ever Amen:

Fred Jones was worn out
From caring for his often
Screaming and crying wife
during the day
but he couldn't sleep at night
for fear that she
in a stupor from the drugs that didn't
ease the pain
would set the house ablaze
with a cigarette

[Lack of punctuation all mine]

Cigarette (the name of this other Fred Jones song), is a good example of how awesome Ben Folds was before he was not quite as awesome.

5/10/11 11:48 AM  

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