Saturday, March 18, 2006

Weakened or Weekend

Okay, photo post time! Beth-style!

Last weekend, we drove to the woods:


Le Girl La Femme tried to lift this old chimney, but alas she could not:


Another time, we had a picnic:


See those olives up there? They were delicious. They really were. But then someone read the receipt and informed me I had paid $23.21 for those olives.


Yep, it's no $100 cheesecake, but I was downright irate about my olive-purchase injustice. Clearly the cashier screwed up, placing her hand on the scale or something. Enemy! Vile enemy!

After the picnic I went back to the store, receipt (overcharge highlited in blue) in-hand:

Blue highlighter!

I was prepared to make it a confrontation if need be, but the customer service guy acted quite routinely. Just another refund for him. He seemed bored with his current career direction:

I'm not even supposed to be here today...

He gave me a copy of the receipt, demonstrating my refund in full for $23.21 (plus tax). I borrowed his yellow highlighter:


Then I went home and ate more of the (now-)free olives.


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