Monday, November 27, 2006

Learning Curve

I learned a couple of things today. For example, The Morrill Act was a really interesting piece of legislation:
Ever since colonial times, basic education had been a central tenet of American democratic thought. By the 1860s, higher education was becoming more accessible, and many politicians and educators wanted to make it possible for all young Americans to receive some sort of advanced education.
Why wikipedia has no article on this important piece of legislation is beyond me. Oh, right. 'Cause we're over here wankin' off while wikipedia nerds are typing away about other shit. God damn you, interwebs.

UPDATE: Pwned in comments by the inimitable Waldo J.. My faith in the Information Age is restored!


Blogger Waldo Jaquith said...

Wikipedia: Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. I first read this very article two years ago, but it was first written in December of 2002.

27/11/06 10:45 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Thanks, WJ. Post updated.

27/11/06 10:54 AM  

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