Friday, November 24, 2006

yo dormo il sueno de las manzanas

Last night I had a dream that Lady and I were in a convenience store just barely on the southern side of the Mexico/U.S. border. We had passports in hand, we had just crossed the border. For some reason we needed to shop. Lady wanted to buy maps and candy and cell phone ring tones that came in little plastic packages. I spent the whole time trying to figure out how to translate the prices to the American dollar.
If something cost 345 pesos, for instance, I knew that you either dropped the 3, to make it $45, or you dropped the 5, to make it $34. But I couldn't figure out which one.
Also, last night, as I played poker with my family, my sister wanted some change for her $0.25 chips. I couldn't figure out how many $0.05 chips to give her.
I think I am stupid.
Also, at the Mexican convenience store in my dream, they had bags of Bugles that were as tall as I am, and I thought, man, this would make a wonderful Christmas present.


Blogger Stanley said...

Ryan, your Spantalian is on-point. This dream is a clear sign that you're ready for the big México trip.

24/11/06 10:32 PM  

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