Friday, November 03, 2006

In Which I Contain Sulfites

Since Ryan has declined to oenologist-blog about the news stories on which the masses demand he opine, I offer you my own sub-par wine story:

Tonight in the checkout line, I noticed that the woman in front of me was buying a bottle of this wine. I commented that Barefoot wines were surprisingly good.

"And cheap" she said.

We talked about wine for a moment, and she mentioned working at a nice local restaurant where my old landlord's (landlady's?) husband used to work, and that despite her access to free gourmet food, she was buying some macaroni-and-cheese thing. We agreed that the husband was a really cool guy and a great cook and hmph, what a small town. Then she checked out and went on her way.

I really should make it a point of talking to strangers more often. I hesitated tonight, not wanting to come off as some skeazy dude who ogles peoples' groceries. But I convinced myself that my comment was benign enough not to be weird, and it resulted in a brief blip of interestingness in an otherwise routine situation.

Also: at the grocery store I bought this:

It kind of reminded me of the BŌKŪ juiceboxes of my childhood.


Blogger Ryan said...

1) Concerning the news/wine article that I failed to blog about: I am torn. On one hand, I know many winemakers who are roughly 45 years only, but look 14. This would suggest that wine makes you younger, which is what the article claims. One the other hand, I know many heavy wine drinkers who are roughly 45 years old and look like they're 79, with a yellow hue to their skin, and bags under their eyes like black death balls. This does not bode well for wine. Meanwhile, red wine is still good for the heart. It's the flavonoids, brothers.

2) Barefoot wine is overy simple and fruit-forward. But it gets put in really prominent supermarket display sections, and that is why you buy it, sucka.

4/11/06 9:28 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Have you been drinking already today?

4/11/06 2:40 PM  
Blogger t(h)om said...

actually, he never stopped drinking last night and suddenly he realized: it is now *today*

6/11/06 9:14 AM  

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