Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday Morning Admissional

In the spirit of the Friday Afternoon Confessional, I offer up a midweek and secularized set of admissions.

I admit that I've all but stopped making coffee in the morning. It's too loud to grind the beans, and, while this is easily fixable by (a) not being a snob who grinds his own beans or (b) being slightly less a snob and pre-grinding my beans the night before, I instead succomb to the convenience and deliciousness of Mudhouse coffee, preferring to pay $2 rather than dealing with the hassle and the noise.

I admit that my coffee purchases increasingly include fresh-squeezed orange juice, bringing my morning beverage total to $5 and assuring my continued slide into effete toolishness.

I admit that I attended the cVillain New Year's Eve party, hosted by commenter TwoOFour. I admit that I sucked at poker. I admit that I probably drank too much Jack Daniels. I admit I (jokingly, of course) suggested that shooting down the Ron Paul blimp would be the ultimate mindfuck for a libertarian, forcing a choice between second-amendment wankery and the sanctity of private property. I admit I think about Ron Paul too much and have decided he doesn't really matter much in the long run.

I admit that my other weekend bloggerish party was the whirlwind UnfoggeDCon 2.0. I admit that I feel increasingly like I didn't actually meet anyone, conversations being brief by and large. I admit I find this immensely disappointing, as I fully blame myself for not being more sociable but rather overwhelmed.

I admit that I ate too many of those caramel things with the white center yesterday. What are those called? I admit that I would eat just the white centers, were they sold separately.

I admit that, on the day of the unfogged party, I ate for the first time at Temperance Hall with Emily and Tom. I admit that it saddens me to learn this establishment is changing hands, but I'm hopeful by the waitress' assurances that the menu will be largely unchanged. I admit that I raved to my roommate Hambone about the excellence of the garlic fries, prompting him to undertake a foolhardly attempt to recreate said fries, based solely on my description. I admit that he has a Plan B for the fries, which will likely happen tonight. I admit this excites me.

I admit that tonight I'm attending my third meet-up in under a week, but this one's not for a blog but rather for a college paper I used to write for. I admit I expect it to be informal and fun. I admit I'm somewhat anxious about it nonetheless.

I admit that this year's version of the Holiday Mix CD Exchange was an unqualified success, as eleven people stepped up to participate, including one stranger (well, someone only one of us has met). I admit that this means we increased participation by a full 37.5%, a trend which, should it continue, will put fifteen CDs in my hot little hands next year. I admit I still haven't sent my track listing to Ryan but I will soon. I swear.

Feel free to fess up to whatever you need to in comments.


Blogger Stanley said...

I admit that CD #10 is my favorite so far.

2/1/08 10:07 AM  
Blogger baconfat said...

caramel creams?

did you get to meet the elusive lilith?

i would've contributed some kick-ass stuff to the cd exchange, had i known about it. just sayin'.

2/1/08 10:10 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Yes! Caramel creams. Thanks.

I met several delightful cVillains but not, alas, the elusive lilith.

Sorry I didn't tell you about the CD swap. I'll definitely get you in the mix next year.

2/1/08 10:25 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

I'm glad you liked Temperance Hall (and we didn't even get into the whiskey menu). It's definitely one of my favorite places to go for cheap, reliable bar food+. I think I still smell faintly of garlic, though.

2/1/08 10:47 AM  
Blogger The Modesto Kid said...

I admit that...Oh wait no, better not. I'm wit'ya about making coffee in the morning being too much of a hassle. I prefer to save my coffee snobbishness for the afternoons, and just drink the workplace brew in the mornings. Happily my current workplace serves a brew that is ok-tasting and strong enough.

2/1/08 1:40 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I'll confess that we have been thinking about about much fun Stanley and eekbeat are, but I just realize that we really only spoke with eekbeat. Apparently, she was delightful enough to pull you up by your bootstraps into the fun category.

3/1/08 12:01 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Yes, were it not for eekbeat, I'd be downright dour.

But seriously! I missed out on talking to so many people, yourselves included. Alas, we'll always have the Garlic Fest.

3/1/08 1:17 PM  
Anonymous ThatGrrl said...

I sucked worse at poker than you did, Stanley! And I'm positive you could have dragged ThatBoy out to take a shot at that blimp. I'm just sayin'.

3/1/08 3:48 PM  

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