Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's A Bummer When You Go To The Beach and The Sun Never Comes Out and It Rains The Whole Time

Which is why I didn't take any pictures. Or get burnt.

But, on the flipside, there was a beach volleyball tournament, which when it wasn't getting rain postponed was lots of fun to watch. And we played skeeball in one of the boardwalk video arcades for what must have been five hours. And we saw The Hangover. Twice. On the same day.

But most memorable of all: it was Beach Week '09 for hundreds and possibly thousands of good-natured and really annoying and clearly-not-drunk-but-wanting-to-appear-drunk East Coast high school kids. They even have shirts for this now, like: "OCEAN CITY BEACH WEEK 09!" and "WHERE ARE ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL B#&@*s?" They didn't have shirts in my day. Oh, wait, yes they did. The one I bought said "I ONLY DATE CRACK WHORES" and when I got home and gave it to my mom to wash it was never seen again.


Blogger ||| said...

hey remember that part in the hangover when the one guy was like "[insert memorable quote]", and then the other guy was like "[other memorable quote]"?

that was awesome.

26/6/09 10:25 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...


Did we implement a no-swearing policy, or are you quoting the shirt verbatim?

26/6/09 12:21 PM  

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