Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Everything In The Hog Except The Sqeal

I was sick the week in third grade when we learned to tell time on analog clocks. So it took me until like 8th grade to really get it right. Those things are confusing, right? Especially when the only analog clocks in your life are on the walls of classrooms - everything else is digital and even if you weren't sick that day you have to admit that digital clocks are way easier to read.

Anyway I was also sick when we were supposed to read The Jungle, by my boy Upton. Everyone always (hardly ever) talks about how this book focuses on the underside of meat packing the the meat canning industry and how after Upton published the country passed regulations on the meat industry and just realy cleaned things up. I'm sure that's all true (although to think that food processing in this country is cleaned up is to be sorely mistaken), but son, that book is about workers rights. Just too bad that you don't get sweet disgusting quotes about workers rights like you do about grinding cow bones into a paste and injecting that paste into spoiled hams.


Anonymous Stanley said...

It's funny that you wrote about time when you did. I clicked over to the blog to post about this finding (the PRC has only one time zone?! Really?) not two minutes after you clicked post. How about that?

As for The Jungle, I've not read it but I always get Upton Sinclair and Sinclair Lewis confused when people bring it up, and then I ask if they've read Babbitt, and then I look dumb.

(Also, hi, typos.)

9/12/10 9:08 PM  

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