Monday, April 24, 2006

Papal Smear Campaign

I don't often talk about my Catholic upbringing. It's just not something that comes up, really. But I do follow the news and trends of the Catholic Church.

I was especially excited tonight, when I learned that there are Catholics who consider Pope Paul VI a heretic given the results of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II as it's called). As a heretic, the story goes, Paul VI forfeited the papalship, meaning all subsequent popes (including the current one---that German guy who used to be named "Ratzinger" but now has a much personable name) have been illegitimate. This line of argument leaves the door open for any number of Pretenders to the Holy See.

Apparently, you can even self-proclaim yourself Pope (well, according to the Benedict XVI crowd, you're actually an antipope).

So, who wants to be Pope? We can form a conclave.


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