Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm dead! Or alive! Whatever!

Ryan is returned. Much like the Coolio from the rapping. And has not died. Also much like the Coolio (although that is just for speculation, henceforth I do not know in truth, because I have not seen this Coolio for many days now).

Subsequently, the trip was much a successful thing. We saved very many tired babies, extrapolated fourteen ton worth of World War Two era hard steel land mines, rebuilding many spaces of central Turkey, and marrying and to be consumating multipleness two very humble women of Sochi, Republic of Georgia. I have the pics, as the internets say, and I will to be posting them as soom as a very humble person shows me how to do this.

But not now! Because I am to need a vacation, and today I go forth to beach, to relax, reward, reduce, reuse, like the green triangle printed on plastic containings of the Coca-Cola. As you are to be reading, I have turned my head, and am now as insane as the shit that comes from a bat. Is fine. though, because I am also very European Trash. I drive a Seicento Fiat, and on the weekends, a used Vespa.

So for today I go to beach, tommorow I post all good things information for you humble tired readers. Good to have been back. Forza USA!


Blogger Stanley said...

I am to need a vacation

Ah, shit. Ryan's talkin' like a furriner now. And he does crazy European things like taking a vacation after his vacation.

On balance: rejoice! He has risen! Er, at least, not died!

30/6/06 9:12 AM  

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