Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The State


Yep. Been quiet 'round these parts. Ryan's been busy saving the world in ways that can be explained only by his own blogging. [Preview: it involves Chemistry(!) and honest-to-goodness Mexicans(!)]

I've been under-the-weather and working a weird schedule (Saturday and Sunday?! Gah!). Also: lots of good shows going down.

So, you get random crap:

  • My mom got a new job. Bully for her. She's up to the task, and the extra responsibility is well-deserved. I really should call her more often. Thanks, Mom.
  • Related: I made this tonight:

    It's my mom's recipe. Sort of an avacado-tomato thing, heavy on the garlic. Also: fresh cilantro. If you hate fresh cilantro, you're a commie pinko terrorist Bush-voter. Die.
  • 0.5 of the band has left town for The Philly. This fact is deeply saddening, but I'm glad to hear the chaps are doing well (notwithstanding bike accidents that were survived by the human, not the bike; lament). I've been approached by a few people who want to play music, which is a bit awkward. I'd love to keep playing music, but building up another band to the Sparks level seems a hefty project. We'll see.
  • One of my car's headlights is out. Apparently, it's necessary to remove the entire bumper to change it. Fuck you, Honda. The brakes were so easy, you tease.
  • I'm considering studying something about linguistics rather than poli-sci/IR.
  • The History Channel tells me we're fucked if a comet shows up. So, that's, um, heartening.
  • I just learned of, thanks to the magnetic ee. I've so far identified six bands about which I'd like to know more. To hell with all you dissenters.
  • I got a free baseball cap today. I don't play baseball anymore, sadly.

There. Chow down.


Blogger agatha said...

oh i see...the band went away. is that why you're talking to me again?

27/9/06 8:19 PM  
Blogger LC said...

so, if i'm allergic to cilantro and will die from cilantro if i consume too much, thus kinda hating cilantro in an alternative way, do i still fall into the "commie pinko terrorist Bush-voter" category? where do i fit in your goddamn black and white world? huh?

27/9/06 9:21 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Agatha: you're the one that abandoned us FLakes-types. Don't go turning this around on us.

LC: Yes. You are objectively a commie pinko terrorist Bush-voter. Them's the breaks. And you get no salsa. Sorry.

27/9/06 9:54 PM  

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