Friday, December 01, 2006

"But I am real!"

Last night Eek invited me to see The Velveteen Rabbit out at this theater in Barboursville. It's really great—for kids and adults. Great costumes. Interesting set design. All around, a really fun show. Check it out. It's playing for the next three weekends.

(Going in, the only thing I remembered about the story was the burning scene near the end, which was super scary to six-year-old me. I'm happy to report that this staging's treatment is much more benign but still effective.)

Afterwards, we went to the recently re-opened Blue Moon Diner. They've remodeled and it's got a full bar now, in addition to many of the old menu favorites. Eek got an adult milkshake(!) and a grilled PB&J (which, yeah, come on, that's gotta be the best follow-up to seeing a play about talking stuffed animals).

They've also got a decent wine selection, and if you order a glass of wine, they bring you this 8-oz. carafe thing, ensuring that (a) every glass of wine gets the same serving size and (b) the consumer gets a little extra tipsy for the same low price. This is a great idea and should be immediately at all wine-serving restaurants everywhere. QED.

Full disclosure: yes, this whole post is just a roundabout way for me to ask Ryan out on a date.


Blogger Ryan said...

Lady doesn't want me going on dates with other people, although, if you must know, she didget asked to participate in a rocking threesome last night.

Then we got drunker.

2/12/06 4:49 PM  

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