Thursday, December 06, 2007

Martin Murphy, Chick Raines, and Don Cook

Dundee, OR - >
Eureka, CA - >
somewhere near Needles, CA - >
Los Lunas, NM.

Of note:::::
- much the like start of this trip in August, my first day and a half were all rainy and foggy and some part of the nation near me and my car was flooding and out of power and in a state of emergency.
- the entire Pacific Northwest coast is amazing
- FYI: If you attempt to cross the Klamath Mountains where the Redwoods coincide, it will take you exactly 12340i9u5432 hours.
- California = people who think they have better cars than mine + fruit
- driving through the desert at night is like driving over the ocean on a bridge. at night. with an occasional Yucca flower.


Blogger Stanley said...

I wonder why Los Lunas takes the masculine article "Los". Anyway, happy trails, Ryan. See you soon, I suppose?

7/12/07 12:34 AM  
Anonymous teofilo said...

It's because the town is named after the Luna family. It means "the Lunas," not "the moons."

7/12/07 12:55 AM  
Blogger The Neoskeptic said...

thanks for the tip about crossing the Klamath.

I was going to do it, but i only have 12340i9u5431 hours to spare

7/12/07 9:44 AM  
Blogger bitchphd said...

That is indeed a beautiful drive. Glad you enjoyed it.

9/12/07 1:25 AM  

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