Friday, February 08, 2008

Free New Zealand Verbal Post Number Three

(As Ryan across there yells me the ones and zeros I mark 'em down on my notebook, and using some kind of software program he picked up in Queenstown and floated across to me on a kayak 'borrowed' American style my laptop here can translate those ones and zeros into neat little pictures. Here's a go:)

Across the water, but before the vines, is my cabin. If you blow it up and look real hard you can see me waving back at you with a bottle of Sauv Blanc in one hand and a cigar in the other, waiting for my clothes to dry on the line. If I leave them out there all day - my clothes - they pick of the scent of thyme that comes down from in the vineyard, where it grows wild. And if you blow the picture up insanely big you can see Teddy, lounging on his boat, staring at the sky.

This is the entrance to Cromwell, off the highway. It is indicative of the fact that they grow lots of really big fruits. You should see the carrots. Size of my face.


Blogger eekbeat said...

Yes! Cromwell! Big fruits! I knew it! Dude, I for-real-seriously wish I was there.

9/2/08 1:56 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I too, have that exact same photo of giant fruit in Cromwell. Whoda thunk it. We actually made efforts to photograph as many over-sized objects as we could while down under. Highlights include the giant prawn, the oversized mango (where some dude was selling The Best chilled mango slices evah by the side of the road), and the big banana (Russell Crowe's hometown!). Have fun exploring all the fiberglass fruits and vegetables NZ has to offer.

9/2/08 3:36 PM  

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