Friday, January 18, 2008

Cold Butts, Warm Hearts Can't Lose!

This post reminds me that of course I have my petty annoyances with my roommates. (And likewise, they have theirs with me, no doubt.) After all, they cook stinky food and leave the greasy pan for several days. They watch stupid TV shows. And two of 'em talk about Ron Paul way, way too much.

But heck if I don't come home from work on a snowy day to find they've made a snow bench in the backyard. It's enough to warm even the coldest of hearts. And so we took a house picture (our first, I think):

Aren't we adorable? You can see why our neighbors love us so.


Other random things I meant to tell you about:

  • My beard. It died [Bonus! Those are Boobers' boots in that there pic.]

    • Did I tell you about the best sound guy ever? He lives in Raleigh. Most sound guys (and gals) check each individual drums drum [goddammit] and then say, "All right, let's hear the whole kit." This guy in Raleigh goes, "All right, whole kit: give me an up-tempo beat with a roll on the toms."

      Specific! I liked it. Turns out he's a drummer. His buddy was there, too, and also a drummer. The buddy advised me to substitute cotton balls for the pillow I was using in my bass drum. Better resonance and lower bass response. I was hoping they'd fly all around inside but they pretty much just stay still. Sounds good so far, but the true test is tonight: gig in Richmond. I better get going.


    Blogger The Modesto Kid said...

    it died

    Man oh man Stanley, I told you to watch your back.

    Nice bench tho.

    18/1/08 11:00 PM  
    Blogger bitchphd said...

    "each individual drums"?

    19/1/08 2:09 AM  
    Blogger Stanley said...

    TMK: You did warn me. But this face was shorn of my own volition.

    B: Yeah, I should proofread more better. Fixed. Thanks.

    19/1/08 2:32 AM  
    Blogger The Neoskeptic said...

    i like your roommates. even the paultards. go easy on 'em.

    19/1/08 6:07 AM  
    Blogger Will said...

    Richmond? Yea, that is cool. No, no, don't worry about it. I had other plans anyway.

    19/1/08 1:49 PM  
    Blogger Stanley said...

    will: Sorry, duder. It was a private event. I suppose we could've smuggled you in as our soundguy, but folks would get pretty suspicious once you started handing out business cards to all the married couples.

    19/1/08 3:51 PM  
    Blogger Will said...

    By private event, you mean bachelor party?

    20/1/08 12:48 PM  
    Blogger Stanley said...

    I'm not at liberty to disclose the details of our clients' private affairs, will. Surely, you understand. (WW, NN.)

    20/1/08 4:34 PM  
    Anonymous lilith said...

    Stanley, how a propos-- your beard! But, are those mutton chops? Creative facial hair is so fun. I rocked the chops back in '97. Cute, little awkward though.

    Also, my brother and I made a legitimate igloo when I was young. It warmed our hearts AND was warm. I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

    23/1/08 1:10 AM  
    Blogger Stanley said...

    Not mutton chops per se, but close. More like a shaggy mustache with a five-day shadow.

    I envy your igloo and await more snow.

    Oh, and welcome! While you're here, help yourself to the boxed wine and tortilla chips.

    23/1/08 1:21 AM  
    Anonymous lilith said...


    I get so drunk from box wine. I mean, worse than when I saw you guys. You'd think I was 5 with a sippy cup. My dad bought some really good box wine not long ago, and my mom was stuck babysitting.

    23/1/08 8:25 PM  
    Anonymous lilith said...

    (We didn't pay her, but she was welcome to use the phone and help herself to whatever was in the fridge.)

    23/1/08 8:26 PM  

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