Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Okay, Toys kind of sucked, but!

Just finished watching a Law & Order: SVU episode featuring Robin Williams as the Creepy But Probably Smarter Than You Bad Guy (henceforth, "CBPSTYBG"). And, wow, he seriously should play more CBPSTYBGs.

I recall, through a glass darkly, seeing One Hour Photo with some Chileans, while drinking jote in a random Santiago neighborhood, and I think this is the type of role Williams should be taking more often.

He's established enough that it could be an analogue to Anthony Hopkins doing Silence of the Lambs. That is, Williams is not going to be typecast as the Weird Smart Evil Dude evermore. He's just good at that character, among others.

Moreover, the rueful, non-comic-book-reading part of me, which wishes I had long ago nerded out on the ability to name heroes and villains at whim, thinks he'd make a great comic-book villain in a major motion picture, but all I can come up with is Batman's The Riddler, and I think there's probably a far better villain out there.

I just don't know who that villain is.


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