Sunday, April 20, 2008


Winemaker: Ryan, you're not gaining weight! You're losing it! Your girlfriend is gonna kill me.
Ryan: I'm trying to pack it on, Winemaker. Two meat pies a day! And for brunch! What more can I do?
Winemaker: You're an American. Make it happen. I'll get you a hamburger if it'll help.
Another Winemaker: It's not that Ryan's losing weight, it's that everything around us - the tanks, the barrels, these walls - is getting fatter.
Ryan: Anyway, about that hamburger.


Blogger eekbeat said...

Losing weight?! When I was in NZ I gorged myself on pies and pavlova and lots of Speight's...mmmmm. Pavlova! Pies! Sammies! Flat whites! Chocolate fish! Tummy was very happy.

21/4/08 1:28 PM  
Blogger LC said...

hello! does NZ not inject every food item with high fructose corn syrup. buy american!

21/4/08 10:49 PM  

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