Thursday, December 04, 2008

Significantly less than a pound of flesh

I got a biopsy today. Nothing too serious—the doctor's pretty sure that a dry area on my hands is psoriasis, but the biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis.

Beyond the weirdness of watching someone cut off a little part of your body, it's actually pretty cool. He numbed the area, then took a sort of stick with a pencil-eraser-sized cookie-cutter thing on the end. Punched in. A snip or two here and there. And there you have it. Little chunk of me goes into the awaiting jar.

I did end up with several stitches, and the doctor was concerned about me playing a gig this weekend. He asked about the diameter of drumsticks I used, which was kind of funny. Eventually, he ruled that it would be fine. "Worst case scenario: you bleed, which might add something to the act."



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