Thursday, July 01, 2010

Letter to Stan, 3

About two months ago I bought a clothesline and some clothespins and started drying all my clothes outside in the sun. I did this because I hoped it would remind me a bit of living in New Zealand, where they scorn the drying machine, and where I really enjoyed the chore of hanging my clothes out. I don't know why.
It is now a wonderful part of my day. Each morning, I wander outside in my boxers or a towel, pick out what I'm going to wear, and snatch the pieces off the line. It helps that it hasn't been raining often. But even when it does, the sun always comes out again, and if my socks get rained on really it's just like they're even cleaner afterward.
I get made fun of for this. Fuck 'em all, Stanley, 'cause I like it.


Anonymous TC said...

are they making fun of you for the clothesline, or for going outside in your boxers to get dressed?

6/7/10 11:04 AM  

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