Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Brews

Gawd, I love the History Channel sometimes.

Back-to-back episodes of Modern Marvels covering coffee and beer? Seriously. Just fuck me right now. Hard.

Best facts for which I have no actual, factual citation (the one downfall of the History Channel):

  • Coffeehouses led to the segmentation of modern newspapers, since intellectuals gathered (specifically, in London) based on intellectual discipline; this break-down by genre spawned the modern-day, segmented newspaper.
  • James Madison proposed a national brewery.

Proof-positive that the famed Extra Billy's Java Bock, known by few (Beth?), is a(n) homage to our cultural heritage.

UPDATE: on October 14, 1978, Jimmy Carter signed a law that made it legal (once again) to brew beer in one's home. Is there no question that he's the best president since (at least) Nixon?


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