Monday, July 17, 2006

Stanley Stickler

Few bumper stickers annoy me more than those "W the President" jobbies currently donning the backs of Hummers and Expeditions everywhere. (Although, the fact that they elicited these as a response makes them almost bearable.)

Nothing, however, can make up for these Jet Noise: the Sound of Freedom stickers and the halfwits who employ them.


Blogger Anneth said...

Though it's not a bumper sitcker, I did receive a "WTF" with a big picture of Bush car air freshener thingy a few days back. I took it out of the wrapper and hung it up in my office (being that it's across from the men's toilet and all...)

Just as I suspected - it smelled of freedom feces.

17/7/06 10:15 PM  

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