Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kids: drunk

Saturday found eekbeat and Jordache and me at a local vineyard (co-blogger Ryan's, in fact) for a pig roast.

Not of the pig-eating ilk, I, sated on cole slaw sandwiches, was left to observe the masses as they milled about, chalices in-hand, taking in the music and sun and wine tastings. I was looking for drunk people.

See, I had it on good authority that some people might indulge themselves to such a degree that things (and perhaps, maybe, body parts) I wouldn't normally see would suddenly bear themselves to the light of a lovely Saturday afternoon. But lo, the strong pull of propriety prevented such depraved activity. Nary a stumble among the group.

But then! I espied the wee ones. The two-to-five-year-old set. And? Completely wasted.

They stumbled about with not a destination in mind. One kid quizzed a nearby traffic cone, no answer to be had. Another managed a few steps before falling on his rump, clearly hammered. Yet another: totally aimless wanderer. And that foppish lad pictured above? He fell asleep in that other kid's butt. Which I've seen drunk people do like a million times.

Yes. I put forth: kids are drunk all the time. Just watch. It's weird, but true. Mm hmm.


Blogger bitchphd said...

This is a startling realization. It's true! They can go from overly affectionate to fighting mad in a second, over nothing! They're clumsy and they slur their words! They can keep you up all night before suddenly tipping over and passing out!

I think you've got a book here.

18/7/07 12:48 AM  
Blogger eekbeat said...

Question: at what age do we become sober?

19/7/07 9:54 AM  
Blogger lewjamster said...

I, myself, had a serious drinking problem at that age. Probably didn't sober up till the second grade.

20/7/07 10:22 PM  
Blogger BlinkTMB said...

The funniest part of this is imagining you taking pictures of small children at a wine festival...creepy. At least you recently cleaned up your hair/beard, or you may have been mistaken for a child molester.

23/7/07 12:07 PM  

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