Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I love [local coffeehouse of much repute]. I really do. They vet their applicants quite thoroughly, and, in general, I'm pleased with the results: always a fun coffee-getting experience.

Semi-colon-however-comma*, listening to their interview process, while sitting nearby, is somewhat wrenching at times. Seriously: I would guffaw at these two questions:

-Who is your hero?
-What's your astrological sign?

Then again, maybe guffawing is just what they're looking for.

*actual phrase! used by my high-school AP English teacher! upon whom in part was based the character played by Drew Barrymore in Donnie Darko!


Blogger eekbeat said...

I applied there once. They asked me to tell them a joke. Unfortunately, I had not yet met you, dear Stanley. Now I know so many jokes!!

(I did get the job, but they don't pay very well, so I worked at another local coffee shop instead.)

28/3/08 4:41 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

As soon as I read "semi-colon-however-comma," I immediately was going to comment that you stole that from Mrs. Price!! But then I looked at your note and saw that you gave her credit. You're joking about the Donnie Darko bit??

28/3/08 4:46 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

eekbeat: It's truly a tragedy we didn't meet sooner, but I'm glad you ended up with better pay. The interviewee today didn't know a joke either. It was kind of awkward.

andrea: Nope. Not joking:

Ernie Jordan, my seventh grade English teacher, taught "Watership Down." He does not resemble Drew Barrymore in any way, but I remember him to be a fine man. There are also references to literature taught to me by M.I. Cortopassi and Nancy Price, both English teachers at Midlothian High. All of the school subplots have been restored to the director's cut.

28/3/08 5:08 PM  

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