Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Letter Thing Might Be Getting Old, Ryan; I'm Not Sure

Dear Ryan,

I support your clotheslining ways. I used to have to dry clothes that way in Madrid in August. Luckily, it's holy shit fucking hell hot in Madrid in August, so your clothes dry outside in fourteen seconds. (I'm exaggerating, Ryan. It's actually fifteen seconds.)

You know what no one gets tired of? Talking about the weather. Even I am guilty. My new obsession, thanks in part to this discussion is…dew point! I've learned that anything above 60° makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable; over 70° is flat-out stifling. Dew point! Find out yours today.

I'm going to watch the World Cup final tomorrow. I think I'm rooting for España on the flimsiest of well-I-used-to-live-there-if-briefly justifications, but really, I'm just hoping for a good game.




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