Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Lord

I've refrained from posting about the ongoing fuckfest, as I'm no Middle East expert, and there are plenty of blow-hards opining away already. I'm content to sort through their rubble for some sense of what-in-the-fuck-Jesus-Lord-Allah-holy-motherfucking-God-what?!

Anneth, for example, does a good job fretting over the possible scenarios that might play out (though, clearly, it's too soon to tell). But what I really like about her post is the sense of exasperation and frustration. This hand-wringing is the worst part. (Well, the piles of dead babies are worse; but hand-wringing = very stressfull, too.)


Blogger Anneth said...

My mom works with a Lebanese lady who thinks that the Lebanese government and the Israelis came to a secret agreement about attacking Hezbollah. I suppose it is in both of their best interests to get rid of the group.

Oh, and sort-of off topic, but not wholey, while watching Nancy Grace last night, I was completely irked by some woman who stated that in the US, "...to be anti-Israel is to be anti-American."

Now come on...it's reminiscent of those, "To be anti-Iraq War is to be Unamerican," statements the 'Publicans manipulated so well to their favor in 2004.

I'm curious if they'll pull the American Pride card out again before November.

18/7/06 5:32 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

On review, I realize I seem to call Anneth a "blow-hard." This was not my intention. Sorry, Anneth. I do not think you are a blow-hard.

On to your comment: yes, this is precisely my problem. So many bombs and dead people; so many conspiracy theories; so little sense to be made.

19/7/06 2:42 AM  

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