Wednesday, August 08, 2007

DMV Trip #2: Success!!!1

After discovering that I had, unbeknownst to myself, failed to show up in court after being caught drunk driving in Wise, VA, I was a little concerned about the computers being used by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Are they using computers from two years ago, I wondered. Are they using, like, non-Macs? I was concerned because (a) I have never been caught drunk driving (because I don't drive drunk), (b) I have never been to Wise, VA, and (c) I was never told (via letter or email or phone call) that I missed court for a traffic violation that never happened in a town I've never been to. Instead, they just revoked my license and, wonderfully enough, that seems to have made exactly no difference whatsoever in my ability to drive an automobile all around the country.

After today, however, my faith in the DMV is restored, all thanks to my teller, C. Powell (desk #7), who was wonderful. We talked about music. She likes old soul and doesn't hold it against me that I can't name many Aretha Franklin songs and that I don't really know anything about the Temptations (but we did attend the same James Brown concert about four years ago). We talked about the weather (today my car said it was 110F outside, I was telling her, and is that really possible?). We talked about how when you feel, deep in your gut, that you are 80% sure about something - i.e. I am 80% sure that I left my glasses on the night table - it is very very very depressing when you learn that you're way off - i.e. My glasses were actually in their case in the bathroom. We joked about some of the other people patiently waiting their turn to get a new license. She talked about TV shows and I sort of knew what she was talking about. It was wonderful.

C. Powell didn't care that I hadn't had a legit license in over two years. C. Powell didn't care that I waited over five months to register my car. C. Powell didn't even care that I couldn't read the letters in the little eye chart thing they have, not even the really big letters at the very bottom. "I left my glasses at home," was all she needed, not bothering to deduce that this would mean I drove to the DMV without a license, with an overdue registration, and legally blind. C. Powell didn't ask if I was on muscle relaxants, but if she did, I couldn't have lied. I would have said "Yes! And I feel all floaty!".

In my new picture I look like the most tan individual on the East Coast.


Blogger Stanley said...

I look like the most tan individual on the East Coast.

Interesting. Who is this "most tan individual" you resemble? And in what specific ways do you resemble him or her?

(Also: glad you're legal again, Ryan.)

8/8/07 7:29 PM  
Blogger Jon said...


-Dijon Bray

8/8/07 11:15 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Virginia DMV's are the most pleasant Departmant of Motor Vehicles I have been to in 3 states. Ohio nor Illinois come close. And the reason are not only the architectural design, but the attitude of the people employeed there. C. Powell is case in point.

It feels like the library rather than hell.

And they provide that healthy glow we all look for in our skin tone, whether warranted or not.

10/8/07 12:28 PM  

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