Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Things I Like, Apparently

Abe Rock called me at work today.
Me: Hey man. What's up?
Abe: I like cock.
Me: Uh…me too?
Abe: I like cock.
Me: Okay. Um. What brought this on?
Abe: Did you fuck with my computer?
Me: No. What does that have to do with cock?
Abe: Someone did something to my computer, and that phrase will mean something to that person. I figured it was you.
Me: Oh. That's funny. But really, I didn't do it.
Abe: Okay.
I must say, even though I didn't have the forethought—let alone the technical know-how (I don't think)—to pull whatever prank was pulled, I'm flattered that Abe thought of me first when the moment arrived.


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