Friday, September 14, 2007

I hang out with some weird people

[Setting: Evening; a backyard birthday fete in Charlottesville. People mill about with drinks and snacks. In the corner of the yard, four or five people throw knives, long nails, and a hatchet at a stack of logs.]

Hambone: I wish I brought my machete.
Me: Can you throw a machete?
H: Yeah, I got really good at it when I lived with Bill and Julie. I practiced in the woods behind their house.
M: It's all dependent on distance, right?
H: Right. I always threw from the same spot.
M: Hm. But that's sort of unrealistic for actually defending yourself. I mean, if someone were attacking you, say, with a gun, would you throw the machete? It's kind of a crap shoot.
H: If I'm getting shot at, I'm not even there. I'm running away in a zig-zag pattern. Makes me harder to target.
M: That makes sense.


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