Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Also, Walgreens doesn't sell beer? Where the fuck have I been living?

Peoria, Illinois ->
Vermillion, South Dakota - >
Pine Ridge, South Dakota - >
Hill City, South Dakota - >
Teton Village, Wyoming - >
Pine Creek, Montana - >
Missoula, Montana.

I had no idea there were so many RVs in existence. Literally billions. Look it up. There are more RVs putting around just the northern slope of Yellowstone than all bicycles in America combined times seven. Plus I don't know if you're aware of this but everybody who owns an RV is a professional photographer. Suitcases full of lenses and filters and film and smaller, more versatile camera-storing gear. It's just a fact I've recently been privy to.

Whenever I'm around some kind of photo-op thingy, I offer to take pictures for all the couples, because having a picture of both of you in front of Old Faithful is way better than having a picture of him, then of her, or having a picture where it's one of those here-I'll-hold-the-camera-in-front-of-us-hurry-up-quick-smile deals. Usually, though, the dude looks at me, then at his camera, then back at me and explains that, you know, the auto-focus is kind of shaky and really it won't pickup the subtle sunset hues unless you're using the ONX filter and really thanks, we appreciate it, but we're okay, we can just photoshop ourselves in front of it anyway.

And I don't know what your personal experience has been, but everybody who has ever owned a motorcycle and/or driven/rode one on a public/private road for an indiscriminate amount of time, is a badass.


Blogger eekbeat said...

Talk to me about Pine Ridge.

30/8/07 10:53 AM  

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