Saturday, February 16, 2008

Free New Zealand Verbal Post Number Four

Rode my bike into town the other night and caught the 172nd most popular circus in the world, The Weber Bros Circus Presents La Jester!, which was performed in a canvas tent roughly the size of the room you're sitting in right now (assuming your office/cubicle is bigger than a closet yet smaller than a cafeteria). La Jester is the touching story of a court jester embarked on a magical journey in search of laughter, which he knows to be hidden in the belly of a monster that looks suspiciously like a rock prop used in one of the other scenes. Meanwhile, there is a lot of acrobatics, and some of the best juggling I have seen at least since the last time I saw anybody juggle who wasn't drunk.

The highlight was the grand finale, where they rolled out a metal ball cage about the size of a bedroom, then rode three motorcycles around inside dodging a girl who stood in the middle a did a little shimmy dance thing (also this was the girl who sold me my popsicle at intermission). It was impressive, and I was so convinced that some or all of the motorcycle riders were going to collide and rip their heads off that I had to turn away and look at something else.


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