Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ryan Interviews Stanley via Hotmail

On Things That Will Never Be Done
R: What is the one creative project that you often think about but haven't managed to get off the ground?

S: I have a scrap book from my time in Chile which has been in its woefully infantile stages, ever since 2003. I'd like to actually put it together.

On Raging Liberalism
R: Would you say you spend more time reading blogs than you do books and magazines and newspapers and 'zines?

S: Actually, I read the paper copy of The Washington Post everyday. So, yes.

On Stalinist Twelve-Tone Movements
R: What is one album and one book that you would recommend everybody in the world listen to and read?

S: Book: Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen. Album: Probably OK Computer or something by Shostakovich played way too loud after four glasses of wine.

On That Itch
R: If one of your bands became multi-million dollar superstar MTV acts, which products would you endorse?

S: I would endorse Gold Bond Powder. It's really amazing, and I would endorse it without need for, or expectation of, financial compensation. Also, as a multi-millionaire, I'd probably endorse a better wallet. Mine kinda sucks.

On Hate
R: As a professional Spanish speaker, who are some of your Spanish-English translator heroes?

S: I really hate the "heroes" question. I think I didn't get to be a Jefferson Scholar because I totally blanked on the "who's your hero?" question during the interview. Stupid free money---gone!

On Poetry
R: Do you agree with the rap rock pop group 311 when they sing, "Downtown LA is a soul graveyard?"

S: Not having visited metropolitan Los Angeles, I'm not at liberty to answer that question, though I'd like to travel there someday. Generally, the America that's west of Oklahoma is unknown to me, personally. Also, I wonder if people with peanut allergies can listen to 311, given the moniker of the bass player.

On The Downside Of Break Beats And The Not Quite Convincing Usage Of An Exclamation Point
R: Do you spend more time thinking about your personal health or the crazy state of the world?

S: I like to think of my personal health as inexorably tied up with the crazy state of the world. Such that, each time I smoke too many cigarettes, the world gets a little worse. But! each time I go running, it gets better. It's a wrong-headed and completely illogical worldview, but man, it's a great motivator for trying to keep in shape.

R: I have never known you to be a jogger. Tell me about your running habits.

S: I run neither far nor fast, but I have been running. I like it, sort of, approaching at times what seems to be the very outer cusp of the elusive "runner's high". My biggest problem (outside of distance and speed limitations, which, whatever) is that I tend to end up trying to jog in rhythm to the music I'm listening to.

On Nothing Of Interest
Q: What is the what?

A: The what is that Dave Eggers is like so year 2000. Except I have been meaning to read that Valentino Achak Deng book.


Blogger Stanley said...

Woo! Ryan's alive! My answer to your last question seems to be missing a word (left out by me, no doubt).

I'll post your half of the conversation Monday or Tuesday.

12/6/08 10:53 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I didn't think it was missing a word, I thought you were going for a more conversational (albeit grammatically incorrect) sentence.

13/6/08 2:40 PM  
Anonymous t(h)om said...

a thrilling exchange.

Ryan, is winter arriving in your part of the world?

16/6/08 4:09 PM  

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