Monday, December 18, 2006

We're, like, famous

Apparently, m. leblanc likes this here blog. In fact, she let it distract her for thirty minutes during an exam. Boy howdy, that made my day.

It's been a pretty crappy couple of weeks in a way. Stuff I don't feel like blogging about right now, but yeah, stuff. I've actually considered putting myself on blog hiatus for awhile, feeling sort of ho-hum about the state of this site.

But to learn that Ryan and I have successfully derailed (temporarily) a law-school exam? That breathes new life into the project*. Thanks, m. leblanc.

By the way, leblanc's blog is great. Funny, thoughtful, and well-written. Her post reminded me that I really need to get around to updating my paltry blogroll. There are at least ten other sites I've been meaning to link. Will do shortly, promise.

*The project is derailing law-school exams and always has been.


Blogger LC said...

Stan--well, it seems obvious that you have exited the honeymoon period of your relationship with your blog. This, unfortunately, is typical of most human-human relationships, and apparently applies to human-blog relationships as well. Humph.
The way I see it is stick with it. Do not feel as if the blog is less exciting or original or inspiring, because at least you didn't have to create a stupid pop song like Fergelicious to get a stranger's attention.

19/12/06 10:06 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Thanks for the, um, encouragement, LC.

19/12/06 1:45 PM  

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