Thursday, February 21, 2008

I seem to be leaking

Have I mentioned that I drool?

No, not all the time. Specifically, when I use my neti pot. (Yous guys remember my neti post, right? Of course you do. What was I thinking?

So anyway, here I am, stream of warm salt water flowing through my face, and I look up, and, look at that, I'm drooling. Two simultaneous lines of water, falling parallel into the sink, where they combine and continue on their merry way down the drain.

And I can't really figure out what about the neti-pot process is compelling me to drool, but it happens almost without fail. So much so that I don't even really think about it anymore.

But today as I 'potted, I looked up in the mirror mid-pot, and in addition to the usual parallel streams, a single tear—potting can make your eyes water a bit—was flowing slowly from my left eye, across the bridge of my nose to the tip, from which it fell gently into the sink, as if to say, "Hey guys! I'm coming with!"

It was lovely, and I wish I had a video to share with you. But alas and alack, I do not.


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