Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Rules

[waiting around before our CD-release party; backstory: Boobers had been in the hospital that afternoon with flu symptoms]

Chico: What're you eating?
Me: Spring rolls. With a peanut sauce. Don't tell Boobers [he's allergic to peanuts].
Chico: Yeah, seriously. We should definitely try to keep it to one band member visiting the hospital per-band per-day.
Me: You mean as a universal rule? Like, all bands everywhere should strive to have no more than one member per-day in the hospital?
Chico: Yeah. Totally.
Me: But what if it's, like, a band...I dunno. Who's a band you really don't li—
Chico: Hoobastank.
Me: Okay, Hoobastank. So, like, what if they all got beaten up and had to go to the hospital, all of them?
Chico: I think it's gotta be a rule for pre-existing conditions.
Me: Right, but aren't the members of Hoobastank always already being assholes by being members of Hoobastank? That's a pre-existing condition.
Chico: You got me there, Stanley. You got me there.


Blogger The Modesto Kid said...

Some bands would try and get around it by recruiting a terminally ill person as a ringer member to satisfy their quota, so none of them would have to go to the hospital every day.

1/3/08 4:38 PM  

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