Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's all chewing gum, see?

Last night I rehearsed with t(h)om and Gammy for The Big Jazz Gig coming up. As we discussed a certain song, t(h)om informed us that we could really "cut the chain," meaning, apparently, that we could let ourselves go a bit—you know, get a little crazy with the solos.

Now, it's no secret to me that t(h)om can come up with some crazy shit. But, "cut the chain"?! Do jazz people really say this? t(h)om insisted they do (or did, at some point).

A cursory search suggests t(h)om was actually coining a new phrase, rather than digging up an old one, which is perfectly fine and I applaud his sense of linguistic innovation. The search also turned up some gems that were also new to me. Some highlights:

bushwa: a euphemism for "bullshit"

Butt me.: I'll take a cigarette.

clams: mistakes while playing music

giggle water: booze

hide hitter: drummer

iron one's shoelaces: to go to the restroom

rusty gate: someone who can't play

supermurgitroid: really cool

tubs: set of drums

There are plenty more if you follow the links...


Blogger t(h)om said...

thanks for the post/link love!

clams is a real vintage find there, Stan.

Rusty gate doesn't just mean someone that can't "play," but someone that can't play jazz. i.e., "that hyde hitter swings like a rusty gate. he plays such bushwa i can't tell if he's sitting at his tubs or ironing his shoelaces."

thanks for the post/link love, ace.

10/8/06 9:22 AM  

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